The Many Types of Gutters

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When it comes time to replace or add new gutters to your home, you’ll soon find there are many decisions to be made. The myriad varieties of gutter materials, designs, and features can leave you confused and unsure of what solution is correct for your needs. In Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay, Community Roofing & Restoration are proud [...]

Set Your Home Apart with Luxury Shingles

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In today's booming housing market, buyers desire a home that stands out and makes a statement. As we see more variety in new home construction as well as unique renovations to older homes, it’s clear that homeowners desire something different. The rows and rows of identical homes are a thing of the past, but as new [...]

Chimney Flashing 101

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Whether it's happening in the basement or the attic, moisture is your home's worst nightmare. Moisture from a leaky chimney is especially alarming as the problem is often difficult to detect and costly to repair. Excess moisture from a leaky chimney can also result in: General damage to wallpaper, paint and special finishes such as plaster Wood rot, [...]

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