3 Reasons To Replace Your Roof Instead of Repair It

You may look at your roof and think it still has time before a replacement… just some patchwork here, minor repair there … all good! But that’s typically not the case. If you suspect your roof needs replacing soon, it probably needed replacing a few years ago. Here are 3 reasons to replace your roof instead of repair it:

1. It’s An Old Roof

Now this one should be pretty obvious, your roof is just getting old. A roof can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, and possibly even more, depending on the kind of roof it is. An asphalt roof is usually the most common, though it has a shorter life span, while roofs made of materials like tile can easily last a handful of decades. Even if you don’t see any serious problems on the surface, and old roof can conceal problems underneath. A good looking roof does not always guarantee a properly functioning roof. If you’re certain your roof is reaching its expected lifespan, it’s time to consider a replacement.

2. Past Problems Are Getting Worse

If you’ve had past problems with your roof (leaking, water damage, etc), you need to constantly check up on those areas and areas around them. A small leak coming in through your ceiling almost always means water damage all the way up the roof. Rotten wood, discoloration, and cracks in the ceiling … these are signs of much more serious problems up above. Water in your roof is like sand at the beach – it gets everywhere. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time for a new roof.

3. You’re Trying To Sell Your Home

Maybe you are just trying to sell your home. A new roof can do wonders in terms of cosmetics on the outside and security for the ones living inside. No one wants to buy a house with significant roof problems. That will scare away almost anyone. A new roof significantly increases your home’s value. It also shows interested buyers you’re a responsible home owner and take care of your house. Replacing your roof is a smart move before putting it on the market.

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