A leaking roof is one of the worst things that can happen to a home or business owner. Not only could a leak put you temporarily out of business, but it may cause expensive interior damage. On the high end, repairing a roof could cost in excess of $4,000. Removing standing water adds an additional expense to the bill.

There are roofing contractors in Milwaukee who can help. They will help implement effective roof draining so leaks are prevented. Draining solutions can add 10-15 years of service life to a roof.

Read on to learn more about the causes of roof leaks and draining techniques to solve the problem.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Some things to consider:

  • A common cause of roof leaks is ice and snow. When ice and snow rest on a roof, their weight and wear on the roof can cause cracks.
  • Flat roofs are especially prone to wear and tear caused by ice and snow. However, pitched roofs are still vulnerable depending on how long it takes for the ice and snow to slide off.
  • Flat roofs are also susceptible to standing water from rain. The water damages the integrity of the surface it rests on, causing corrosion on metal and rotting conditions for wood. Again, you are not risk-free with a pitched roof. Clogged gutters and debris on the roof cause water to accumulate, which leads to leaks.
  • Aging roofs can yield leaks as cracks, tears, and holes in the roof. It is wise for homeowners to frequently inspect the roof, looking for signs of deterioration or penetration.

Inspection is just half the battle. Home and business owners alike should explore draining techniques to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

What Draining Techniques Will Roofing Contractors in Milwaukee Deploy?


Gutters are the most common tactic used to direct water off of the roof and away from the house. Simply put, gutters are open pipes that collect and transfer water. Both commercial and residential owners alike prefer to use gutters to the maximum extent possible. The primary reason is that gutters are affixed to the exterior of the building or house. This means modifications to the roof or structure itself are not required.

Gutters are cost-effective but do come with risk. If gutters are not cleared of debris, they can pool water and create leaks as well.

Roof Drains

Another popular design strategy is roof drains. They can be installed on both flat and pitched roofs. Like gutters, roof drains carry water away from the house. They also filter out debris such as leaves and twigs. Some advanced designs incorporate interior drains that transfer water through the inside of the building or house.

There are a number of different considerations to take before installation. These considerations include the type of roof, pitch, location, and sizing, among many others. Due to the many variables, it is highly recommended to seek out consultation from roofing contractors in Milwaukee before installing a roof drain.

Finding a Qualified Milwaukee Roofing Contractor for Drainage Issues

Standing water poses a considerable risk to the integrity of your roof. In order to prevent leaks, your commercial or residential structure needs effective draining mechanisms. This is why you need experienced contractors who know how to effectively handle these issues.

Roof drains and gutters are among the many different ways to divert water off of the roof and away from the foundation. For a consultation with a qualified roofing contractor in Milwaukee, please contact us to set up an appointment.