Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient? Have you noticed that the air in your home seems damp, or that the temperature just never feels quite right? Is your roof warping, leaking or having other problems?

Believe it or not, poor attic venting is likely to blame. When was the last time you evaluated your attic’s venting, and how do you know when it’s time to do so?

Read on to find out three ways you can tell you need to pay more attention to the venting in your attic.

1. Your Home and Roof Have Serious Pests

It’s likely that your attic isn’t exactly the most frequently-visited room in your house. While some bugs and even mice are to be expected in an attic, if it’s not properly ventilated, you’re in trouble.


You’ve essentially created a dream home full of moisture and warmth for bugs, rodents, and other unpleasant things. These pests pose serious health risks, and they can cause expensive damage to your home.

Get a handle on the situation right away.

Attic Venting Done Right

Make your home more energy efficient with proper ventilation installation.

House roof and vents

2. Your Electric Bills Have Skyrocketed

If there’s a sudden upswing in your electric bill, we doubt it will take you too long to notice.

Many homeowners blame an increase in their electricity bill on their HVAC units. And while the HVAC units might be part of the problem, it all starts with your attic venting.

Think about it. During the summer, poor venting means that hot air slams into your home relentlessly. Your air conditioning has to work harder to keep your home cool, and you’ve likely been guilty of cranking it up yourself to beat the heat.

Investing in better venting for your attic helps you to cut costs and keeps you cool.

3. You Notice Several Issues With Your Roof

At the start of this article, we mentioned that problems with your roof, like leaking and warping, are a sure sign you need better attic venting. But what causes these issues?

Especially during the winter months, the moist air can quickly build up in your attic. Without proper ventilation, that air gets trapped and starts to impact the structural integrity of your roof.

You might even notice that ice dams and icicles are rapidly forming on your roof and gutters. In addition to being a real danger to your personal safety and your home’s structure, it’s also a sign that cold air is trapped in your attic.

Finally, you may even notice a sudden buildup of mold and mildew on your roof or in your attic. If you see this, you need to get help immediately to avoid health risks.

Need Better Attic Venting In Your Home?

Thanks to this post, you’re aware of some of the biggest warning signs that it’s time to upgrade the venting systems in your attic.

You need to work with reliable, experienced professionals to ensure you get the job done right. You may also discover that you need additional home restoration and improvement services.

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