Especially in the wake of severe weather, your roof may have suffered damage. Impacts from hailstones, intense wind, or the weight of a heavy snowfall can compromise the integrity of your roof — but you may not notice any problems from inside the home. The best way to spot problems with your roof is to have a trained professional get on the roof and perform a detailed inspection. After all, your roof is more than just a pile of shingles, it’s what protects your family and your stuff from the elements. You’ve also got gutters, chimneys, vents, satellite dishes and more to worry about. 

A trained professional from Community Roofing & Restoration can perform a thorough inspection of your roof to spot signs of weather damage, water drainage issues, and other problems. You’ll be provided with a detailed roof inspection report that clearly outlines your estimate so you know exactly what work your roof needs. Here are four reasons why your roof should be inspected annually, or as soon as you suspect any damage may have occurred.

Replacing roof shingles

1. Spot Minor Issues Before They Become Major Repairs

A leaky roof may not allow rainwater to get into the living areas of your home — but that doesn’t mean your roof isn’t damaged. Water that gets past the roof can get into your attic, causing attic rafters to rot over time. You can also suffer water damage to siding and soffits from a leaky roof. Fixing damaged siding or replacing structural beams on your home will cost a whole lot more than simply patching a roof. A timely inspection can spot trouble areas before more severe damage can occur. Ultimately, this can save you money over the long haul.

2. Assess Severe Weather Damage

Following a severe thunderstorm or a big blizzard, you’ll want to know if your roof made it through unscathed or if damage was done. Possible hail damage is one of the most common reasons you’ll want a roof inspection. In the case of a severe weather event that has been declared a federal disaster, you may even qualify for government assistance and be protected from increases to your homeowner’s insurance premiums when filing a claim. That means you can get the repairs your roof needs without digging deep into your own pocket — but these programs may only be available for a short time following the disaster declaration. A roof inspection gives you the info you need to decide on next steps.

3. Monitor Integrity Of Gutters & Drainage

Like we mentioned above, there’s more to your roof than just the roofing material itself. The flashing that protects your roof edges from leaking and the gutters and downspouts that help drain away rain and snow are a vital part of your property’s roofing system. Even if the roof itself is still sound, bad drainage can allow water to pool or overflow, causing damage to siding, soffits, foundations and more. An inspection can spot problems with your gutters like clogs, gaps and rust. Keeping your gutters in proper working order protects your whole property from water damage all year round.

4. Peace Of Mind For Homeowners

Even if your roof is sound, and needs no immediate repairs, an inspection can give you confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your property. Or, our expert inspectors can help determine what’s minor cosmetic damage that can wait until next season and what is in need of immediate attention. Our inspectors at Community Roofing & Restoration can help you determine if your roof merely needs some repairs to restore it or whether a total roof replacement is a better choice to protect your property. A roof inspection gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your home.

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