Skylights can do so much good for your home. They’re like normal windows, but instead of being on the walls, skylights are in the roof. This means light enters from above like sunlight (as opposed to glaring in from the side), providing some spots with light and leaving others in the dark.

These unique windows also offer a lot of other benefits for improving the look and energy efficiency of your home. Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits to having a skylight in your home.

1. Save Money With Skylights

Skylights provide your home with natural light from the sun. That means you don’t need to flip on a light switch every time you walk into a room.

One skylight in your home’s busiest room—like the master bedroom or kitchen—can make a huge cut in your electric bill. This is especially true in the winter months, when electric bills typically increase in order to keep the house warm. Some estimates even say you can save 70% to 90% on lighting costs alone.

2. Open Up Small Spaces

Are there any rooms in your house that feel cramped, dark, or even just dull? A skylight can do wonders for a lifeless room in your house, adding ambiance to a space in your home you always saw as dead.

A skylight provides bright light that opens up a small room in ways a typical light bulb just can’t. And typical light bulbs only give that yellow glow, whereas skylights provide healthy, white light that changes a dead room into a room full of life.

3. Increase Your Energy Efficiency

The Earth is facing many different crises, from water shortages to unsustainable agriculture, and having a skylight is one way to save a lot of electricity. Unfortunately, electricity is produced primarily by burning fossil fuels, which is unsustainable. On the other hand, solar energy is an unlimited and free source of light and energy.

This small change can do a lot for your home’s personal impact on the global environment, and can also help you feel better about your personal contribution to sustainability.

4. Provide Light and Privacy

Skylights provide your home with natural light without you having to sacrifice your privacy. If you have a room that is too visible to neighbors or, alternatively, doesn’t have any windows or natural light (like many bathrooms), having a skylight installed offers a great solution.

A skylight can illuminate any room from above, allowing for natural light without any sacrifice to privacy. This is a major advantage to skylights. Plus, you can still get shades for a skylight if you want to allow in less light.

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