Does it seem like something is just off with your gutters after a rainstorm? Does it seem like the gutters just aren’t draining correctly? Suddenly noticing water in strange places, like puddles on your driveway or even in a room in your house?

You might have clogged gutters. If so, this issue can have a tremendous impact on the welfare of your home.

Keep reading to learn the top signs of clogged gutters. This information can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage!

1. Water is Spilling Out

Is your roof becoming a makeshift waterfall? Is water spilling out over the sides of your gutters? If so, it’s a key sign that something isn’t right. This clogging essentially pushes the water over the sides of your gutter. The end result? Extremely expensive water-related damages to both the external and internal frame of your home.

If you notice one of your floors feels soggy and wet after a rainstorm, it’s a sure sign that you might have clogged gutters. Call a professional immediately to prevent further damage.

2. Sagging Gutter Sides

Water damage makes everything heavier. This applies to your roof and the structure of your home. When there is a clogged gutter, the collected water, dirt, and debris make everything weigh a lot more. As a result, this weight will push down on the gutters and can possibly rupture them. You will notice a “sagging” look, which is a clear indication that they have started to collapse.

Again, this is a surefire sign it’s time to call the pros.

3. Presence of Mildew or Rust

Water damage is associated with all sorts of problems, but two of the most visible ones are mildew and rust.

If you start noticing rust or mildew evidence around the sides or top of your home, this means that you are having a water problem (likely as a result of a clog). Not only does this look ugly, it can also be a major problem for your home. Mildew and rust can cause even more damage to your gutter system, leading to significant issues later on.

When you notice these issues, don’t brush them off as temporary headaches! These problems will not go away on their own, so make sure to reach out to the pros.

4. You Suddenly Have Critters

Are you noticing lots of birds or possums near your roof? If so, you may have clogged gutters, and these animal friends are finding a new home in which to nest.

Professionals are used to seeing all sorts of critters, from birds and snakes to mice and squirrels. So, if you’re suddenly noticing that your home is becoming a zoo, it’s time to reach out.

Final Thoughts on Clogged Gutters

Professionals know how to handle all your gutter problems with ease and expertise. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out. Your wallet and sanity will thank you.

Contact the professionals at Community Roofing and Restoration here for a complimentary estimate. We’re excited and happy to help you.