Replacing your flat roof can cost up to $11,000 according to recent data. Normal and natural weather conditions, such as winter storms and rainy spouts, can cause your roof to slowly deteriorate over the years. But, the condition of your roof, whether you have experienced leaks or not, is not a home component that you can ignore for long.

Are you looking into purchasing roofing in Milwaukee? Let us explain the four top tips for choosing new flat roofing in Milwaukee.

1. Make Sure the Company You Choose for Roofing in Milwaukee Uses Correct Materials

On a flat roof, in particular, a strong rubber membrane is placed on top of the roof shingles. These rubber membranes are barriers put in place to prevent any type of water pooling from collecting on your flat roof over time.

Most roof styles require coatings to prevent water penetration. If your roof is not successfully covered, the water will end up entering the rooms of your business.

A leak threat is lessened when something such as PVC single-ply membranes is installed on your flat roof. These single-ply membranes form a water-tight bond that is mechanically glued to the top of the roof deck. The lifespan of using PVC is also anywhere between 15-30 years, which means it is a reliable material to use for your building. The PVC option is also easy to repair if any leaks occur.

2. Choose a Roof With Longevity

When you spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof, you surely want it to last. Pick a material that is flexible and sturdy. Other options besides PVC include TPO membrane and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). These are materials that are also single-ply membranes.

TPO membrane (thermoplastic olefin) is less expensive than PVC. TPO has a warranty of up to 20 years, while EPDM offers a warranty of 10-15 years.

3. Flat Roofs Need the Right Insulation

High-quality insulation is another aspect of your new flat roof that requires special attention because you don’t want temperature fluctuations inside your building during the cold or hot months. Eliminate the issues with poor insulation by acquiring the best rigid foam material to insulate your building so you keep your roof intact for many happy years ahead.

4. Hire Trained Contractors

Don’t try to replace your roof on your own. Doing your own repairs can be extremely dangerous and can lead to severe consequences. What if you fall off a ladder and injure yourself? Leave roofing repair up to the expert since they know exactly how to properly evaluate the condition of your current roof. Professionals will also look for potential leaks and can provide your roof with the right sealants to ensure a long-term fix.

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