Did you know that one inch of rain could translate to nearly 1,743 gallons of water on an average size roof? While it may be true that a little rain never hurt anyone, it can seriously devastate your roof. Milwaukee averages about 121 days of rain each year, and it is important to protect your roof from damage.

Rain gutters can be an excellent solution to the problem, but how do you know if yours are up to par? Over time, gutter replacement can become necessary with normal wear and tear, or even after one big storm.

Find out five signs that your home is in need of gutter replacement below.

1. Cracks or Splits

First and foremost, the presence of cracks or splits in your gutters are a huge problem waiting to happen. The flow of water over time can become too much for gutters, and weak areas can be created. This can be an issue because your roof shingles, foundation, and walls can all be in danger of additional water damage.

Gutter replacement is the best option if cracks or splits can be seen.

2. Water Collecting

The collection of water near the base of your home or foundation can be a sign that gutters are not functioning properly. This is because gutters are usually designed to flow water away from your home so that it does not collect. They only work that way if they aren’t clogged or damaged.

The collection of water can cause mold or mildew to build up in these areas, as well as create additional water damage over time.

3. Saggy Gutters

This should be the most obvious problem with the naked eye. No close inspection is required.

If the gutter is visibly sagging, there is a good chance that excessive weight is the issue. Twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris can all cause this. And with the addition of water, sagging is almost inevitable.

By the time gutters are sagging, gutter replacement is the most appropriate option.

4. Ugly Gutters

Does the sight of your gutters cause you inner despair? If so, it may be time to look into a replacement. Outdated and ugly gutters can age and devalue your home.

The addition of brand new, beautiful rain gutters can make a home more visually appealing, as well as protect the home from rain damage.

5. Frequent Repairs

It may be time to face the music: Duct tape can only do so much. In the event that you have continuously repaired the gutters and applied more duct tape than you would like to admit, it might be time to bite the bullet.

New gutters will last you many years to come and save you the precious time it takes to constantly repair your gutters.

The Best in Milwaukee Gutter Replacement

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