Local roofing companies in the Whitefish Bay area are a dime a dozen. But, choose the wrong one and your knee-jerk decision could cost thousands extra if you forgo your due diligence. And waiting too long causes structural damage from exposure to the elements. This isn’t something you’d want during those minus-degree winters, would you?

Here’s how to find a reputable, local roofing company to fix problems before they become too much.

Local Roofing Companies: Five Desired Qualities

Fly-by-night contractors are quick to prey on distressed homeowners after major storms. These people go door-to-door using scare tactics to pitch roofing services. The homeowner, in a panic, agrees and sports a bill for shoddy workmanship. Then they’re left frustrated with no way to contact the company because the roofers have hopped town.

What qualities should local roofing companies have to avoid these situations?


The roofing industry is cut-throat and plenty of companies come and go. It takes a special combination of quality work and expertise to build a legacy.

A company offering decades of experience will have worked with hundreds of projects. The exposure to these projects provides a unique understanding of nuances. It offers trustworthy estimates and suggestions for the renovation.

Plus, there are hundreds of customers for you to question to back your decision.

Offering the “Whole Package”

Homeowners save on long-term costs by bundling renovation projects during roofing repairs. Choose a company offering extra services like updating attic venting or replacing windows. Some renovation projects qualify for tax credits if they improve energy efficiency. Timing is ideal for these projects when the company has access to difficult spots.

They’re Actually Local

It’s a common tactic for big companies to set up in local areas as representatives. These reps then subcontract the work or bring their core team from other locations.

The problem? Many times the workers do not understand the specific needs of the locals. They use generic options without accounting for details like historical presence.

Local roofing companies know what’s best for their community. Plus, they’re readily available and often just down the road.

Licensing and Permits

Any new roofing project in the Whitefish Bay area requires permits. A general or home improvement contractor’s license is another requirement.

A contractor offering a “good deal” to do work is likely avoiding these requirements. Failing to work with reputable companies places you in a legal grey area, which may result in hefty fines. One way to see if your roofer is meeting requirements is to look for Me2 participation.

Me2 is a Milwaukee-based incentive program providing contractors with training and support for energy-efficient practices. Participation in this program is a positive sign for those homeowners who prefer companies exhibiting a commitment to their industry.


A quick search on the BBB website provides information when selecting local roofing companies.

Consider these alternative sources:

A good company shouldn’t be hard to find if you’re willing to spend a few moments to compare reviews and results.

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