Many people don’t consider their options when it comes to the gutters on their homes. However, it turns out that not all gutters are created equal.

Gutters and rainware serve a number of important purposes, from protecting your foundation to preventing flooding. It stands to reason your gutters should be of the highest quality. This is why you should opt for copper gutters over traditional, aluminum models.

If you’re making upgrades to your home and can’t decide between copper vs aluminum gutters, keep reading. You might be surprised by the many benefits of copper gutters over other types.


The more durable each component of your home is, the less maintenance or replacements you’ll need to make overall. And when choosing a gutter system, copper has more longevity than aluminum or vinyl.

We’re not talking about a few years difference here either. Copper gutters can last well over 50 years, and with very little maintenance. If well maintained, they can survive much longer than that.

This is because copper is resistant to corrosion. While aluminum can rust over time, copper builds up a patina that protects it from deterioration. This means you don’t have to worry about unexpected, costly damage.


Most people agree that there’s nothing special about the appearance of aluminum or vinyl gutters. The aluminum models are typically painted white simply because aluminum isn’t very attractive.

Copper, however, has a very unique and rustic look. Plus, because the oxidation process forms a patina over the surface, they’ll actually change color in time. The result is a weathered, stylish appearance that looks great on any home or building.

The color can easily complement other design components of your home and will add curb appeal you won’t get with other gutters too.

Less Maintenance

Because of their durability, copper gutters won’t need much maintenance at all. Even when exposed to harsh weather, they rarely dent, crack, or sag.

This is a result of their heavy-duty manufacturing, which involves welding the sections together. Aluminum and vinyl are flimsy in comparison.

Like with most gutter systems, you’ll still need to clear them of leaves and debris on a regular basis to maintain them. But, due to their durability, you can expect less maintenance overall with copper gutters.


The initial cost of a copper gutter system is higher than aluminum or vinyl. However, it’ll pay off in the long run. Here’s how:

  • By opting for copper, your return on investment will be much higher than with traditional gutters. This is due to their longevity and durability.
  • You’ll avoid costly repairs or early replacement. In fact, during the entire lifespan of your copper model, you would have to replace aluminum or vinyl gutters three or four times.
  • Copper will add value to your home and make it much more visually appealing to buyers.

Enjoy the Benefits of Copper Gutters

Adding copper gutters to your home will give it the extra character it needs to stand out from the other homes on your street. You’ll also enjoy a well-built product that’s far superior to aluminum.

Considering having a new copper system professionally installed on your property? Contact us today. We offer full-service copper gutter fabrication and installation to homes and businesses in Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay.