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A strong commercial roof system will protect your property from harsh Wisconsin weather conditions for decades, but even the most durable roof will start to show signs of general wear and tear. As a trusted commercial roof coating contractor, we can help you extend the service life of your roof with professional roof coating application.

Founded in 1977, we’ve been working with property owners all throughout Wisconsin for more than 40 years. Our team has earned a reputation of superior service and craftsmanship by never compromising on quality. Contact us today for a free estimate on your commercial roof coating project. We can answer your questions, help you diagnose the roofing problem, and implement a solution that best suits you and your needs.

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Roof Coating Benefits

Coating your roof will lead to several long-term benefits, but perhaps the biggest and most appealing benefit is the increased service life of your roof. In fact, a properly applied roof coating can extend the useful life of a commercial flat roof by up to 10 years depending on the type of roof coating and weather conditions.

In addition to service life, commercial roof coatings are environmentally friendly, help you reduce energy bills, and weatherproof your roofing system. The protective layer that’s applied acts as a resilient shield that reflects harmful UV rays, absorbs less heat, resists fading. All these advantages to roof coatings mean you’ll have to replace your roof less frequently, this in turn helps reduce waste and minimize your ecological footprint.

All in all, there’s an extensive list of roof coating benefits—make sure you have an experienced commercial roof coating contractor to ensure you can realize each one. Contact us today, the experts Wisconsin property owners trust must, for a free quote on your project.


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Trusted By Wisconsin Property Owners

We’ve been a trusted commercial roofing contractor in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas throughout Wisconsin for more than four decades. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of homeowners by never compromising on quality.

I can’t believe how prompt, professional and courteous these guys were for a repair that I had done on a flat roof. The turnaround time was quick and the job looks to be quite well done. I would highly recommend Josh and his guys to anyone in need of their services.

Chris, June 2019

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Josh and his team did a great job from start to finish. Even the proposal I received was set up to make applying for my historic tax credit easy, without me asking for it. Their attention to detail was fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

D Olson, January 2019

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Jake was extremely helpful with addressing our concerns with a small roof repair. He was quick to respond to us and checked out our roof right away for a great deal. We will definitely use Community Roofing in the future for any other work we may need done.

Tommy, December 2017

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Different Roof Coating Applications

For commercial flat and low-slope roofs that have a quality substrate applied, a coating system is often a cost-effective solution to extend the life of the roof. There’s a wide variety of roof coating applications available, and the application process differs slightly for each type, but our team at Community Roofing has the expertise needed to help you through the process of choosing and applying the right coating system for your roof.

Some types of coatings are based on an asphalt emulsion, which allows for an easy application and increased durability. These coatings are usually pushed with a broom to cover the entire roof. Acrylic coatings, typically applied in two coats, allow for a thinner coating, but often need to be reapplied every 2-3 years for best results. Solvent-based asphalt coatings are solid at room temperature, and are “cut back” with solvent to a liquid state, then applied with a roller. The solvent then evaporates, leaving a solid, durable roof coating. Perhaps the best-performing type of coating system is solvent-based silicone coatings. This type is spray or roller applied and requires no primer, making the application process easier and quicker. Solvent-based silicone is resistant to pooling, which is a common source of damage for flat roofs. Silicone coatings are also available in a variety of colors.

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