I have said many times that Josh Fraundorf and Jake Wycklendt have provided the leadership that has taken Community Roofing & Restoration to a much higher level of performance than I had imagined could ever happen back in 1975 when Community began. Since that time Josh has woven Community’s production in with custom restoration shops that enable CRR to handle the most complex “roof system restoration” on historic homes…and efficiently handle residential homes’ roofing, gutters, siding, and window challenges.

And Jake Wycklendt has brought commercial roofing competence to Community way beyond expectations. Yesterday, for example, I took pictures, some to be shared here, of Jake’s and team’s reconstructing a collapsed commercial roof, i.e. a literally caved-in flat roof, on a massive building in Milwaukee County.

Commercial Roof Reconstruction Tasks:

  • Masonry wall needed to be shored up
  • New cast iron drain connected to the plumbing
  • New steel framing custom fabricated and the entire system welded
  • Fireproof gypson decking put in place
  • ISO tapered spray foam layer installed
  • Final coating of TPO heat welded membrane

And Jake’s crew of 5 restoration artisans handled this very complex job with ease and satisfaction.