Have you ever wanted to completely change the look of your house? I’m not talking about planting some tulips outside, I mean change everything from the roof to the garage door and everything in between. With a powerful imagination, you may just be able to visualize your dream home, but we have a tool that works even better.

Color Selector Tool Brings Your Dream Home to Life!

Step 1: Pick a Home

With 25 different home options to choose from, you will be able to find one that best resembles your current residence. All you have to do is hover your mouse over a model to get an up-close view. Once you find a model that looks the most similar, you can start designing!

Step 2: Select a Roof

Now that you’ve picked a house, it’s time to select a roof. Our catalog of roofs is large, so you’ll have plenty of options to design your dream home. Choosing a type of roof is where you start on this step. We offer luxury, premium designer, designer, and traditional roofing types. Selecting any of these types brings us to the next part, which is picking a style and also picking a color. Each type begets a handful of styles and each style begets a handful of colors. Finding the right fit for your dream home shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Step 3: Select Your Siding

If you thought the roofing catalog was big, then hopefully our siding options don’t overwhelm you! Before you even pick the type of your siding, you’ll need to select the material. Our materials for siding are traditional, brick, or stone. Again, selecting any one of these advances you to the next selection, which goes from type, to style, then color. The combinations of all these things mean you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 4: Pick a Front and Garage Door Color

The next step is to pick colors for your front and garage door. We have color options from CertainTeed and Sherwin Williams available here. You can choose a front door that matches the house, or follow a recent trend and make your front door a color that pops!

Step 5: House Trim and Railings

The final steps to designing your dream home are to lock in those crucial details. Our house trim and railings can be designed with CertainTeed and Sherwin Williams colors as well, so you can rest assured that no color has been left out.

Step 6: Share Your Dream Home with Friends and Family!

Don’t forget to share your design on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Show your network the beautiful home you’ve created and encourage them to try out our color selector tool, too! These little details, like house trim and railings, are what set Community Roofing & Restoration apart from the competition. We believe the details are what really change a house from just a house to a dream home.

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