As you drive around the Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay areas, you may have noticed that roofs look different these days. In recent years, architectural shingles (or dimensional shingles) have become the standard, bringing high style and a new depth to homes all over the area, in all kinds of neighborhoods. Community Roofing and Restoration, your residential roofing experts in the Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay areas, enjoys beautifying homes with this unique and exceptional material.

As an alternative to traditional, 3-tab asphalt shingle, architectural shingles have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are seen as more stylish, bringing class and a distinguished look to homes on which they are installed.

While 3-tab shingles result in a very repetitive pattern on the roof, architectural shingles, once installed, have a three-dimensional appearance, with a random, natural look for the roof. Architectural shingles have two layers of shingle material bonded together, creating a thicker barrier from the elements, and a more interesting and visually appealing look. The numbers reflect the consumer preference: architectural shingles are now installed at a higher rate than 3-tab shingles.

Architectural shingles provide many benefits, not only good looks. It’s interesting to note, however, that they were created simply for looks. Homeowners were seeking a roofing material that had the advantages of asphalt shingles combined with the look of cedar shake, and manufacturers stepped up and created a hybrid that meets the aesthetic needs of the consumer, but also has the added benefit of increased longevity.

Although architectural shingles cost about 20% more than 3-tab, the good looks and additional lifespan quickly outweigh the cost increase. Higher-end architectural shingles can have warranties up to 40-50 years! The robustness of architectural shingles creates a thicker, longer lasting barrier that protects your house and withstands the elements for much longer than traditional roofing materials.

With a double bonded layer, architectural shingles also offer additional protection from wind and hail. Combine that durability with their attractive and unique appearance, and you have a highly sought-after roofing material. Many neighborhood associations require dimensional shingles be installed, to maintain a high-end look and consistency throughout the neighborhood.

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