Want to put your home up for sale but not sure whether it’s ready to hit the market? Well, selling a home can be a challenging task. From setting a price not too high to scare away potential buyers and not too low to be profitable, to dealing with unrealistic buyers, the whole process isn’t a walk in the park for most sellers.

While most sellers typically make repairs here and there to improve the home’s visual appeal, it’s not uncommon for the roof to go unnoticed. Don’t make that mistake. Every Milwaukee roof needs a pre-sale inspection, and here is why.

Justify Your Asking Price

Unless you’ve no problem selling your home at a throwaway price, you certainly want to earn a tidy profit from the sale. The best way to increase your home’s value, and consequently asking price, is to make all the necessary repairs, including the roof.

A competent Milwaukee roof inspector will examine the gutters, skylight, attic, chimney, and flashing. A close inspection will reveal any leaks, physical damage, and drainage issues with the roof, which you can address before selling the house.

It’s essential to note that an interested home buyer can show up with their own roof inspector to determine the quality of the roof, so you don’t want to be caught unawares.

Get a Certificate of Inspection

A roof inspection doesn’t only reveal damages to your roof. If an inspector finds that your roof is of high quality and its structural integrity meets the standards, you’ll earn a certificate of inspection. The certificate is the ultimate proof you need to show potential buyers they’re getting a home with an excellent roof, especially when they don’t fancy conducting their own inspections.

Make Your Home Sell Quickly

Did you know that some homes for sale get buyers in as little as 10 days? You definitely want yours to sell as soon as possible, too. But what makes a home sell quickly?

There are a number of factors, most prominently a good asking price, location, and condition of the house. In this article, we’re interested in the condition. And, if your home has a faulty roof, many potential buyers will probably balk, and the interested ones will give low-ball offers.

While you may have little control over factors like location and market dynamics, getting your home in the best possible condition, including ensuring the roof is in good shape, can help sell your home quickly.

Eliminate Risk of Lawsuits after Sale

If you thought you could sell your home and forget about that roof for good, think again! You can be sued after a home sale, especially if the new owner discovers roof issues that you did not disclose before closing the sale!

To avoid any legal troubles, just do the right thing: Let a Milwaukee roof inspector check your roof and let you know of any faults. Even if you don’t undertake repairs, you have a responsibility to inform the buyer about the roof’s condition.

Need a Milwaukee Roof Contractor? Look No Further

If a pre-sale roof inspection reveals some leaks or damage, you’ll probably want to hire an experienced roofing contractor to make the repairs.

At Community Roofing and Restoration, we’ve been serving the Milwaukee area since 1975, and know all about quality roofs. Whether you need a new roof or repairs, we promise you excellent craftsmanship.

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