Imagine this scenario: A huge thunderstorm with strong winds hit your neighborhood, throwing about tree branches, trash cans, and tiles from your roof. Everyone is safe, but you wonder if you need to start thinking about storm damage repair.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it needs to be in working order at all times. The bad news? New roofs average around $7,205, so you need to make sure you actually need repairs before you plunk down the cash.

Read on to find out if your roof needs storm damage repair, and how to get it fixed.

Look For the Telltale Signs of Roof Damage

A visual check of both the inside and outside of your home can give you an idea about your storm damage repair needs. Some damage might mean a small fix, like tile replacement. Other damage might mean you need a whole new roof.

  • Start your evaluation from the ground. Check all parts of your yard (and your neighbors’ yards) for missing shingles and displaced metal pieces. Then look for missing parts around the outer edges of the roof around the gutters or where it meets the walls of your home.
  • Look for downed tree limbs, too. Branches—even small ones—can cause enough damage to need repair.
  • Next, go into your attic and look for water leaks, damage to insulation and framework, or water stains in the ceiling.
  • Evaluating damage to shingles from hail requires you to get up-close-and-personal with your roof. This is dangerous, so take extreme caution if you climb on the roof to expect it.

The best option is to call in the professionals because they have the experience to safely examine your roof.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Calling your insurance agent should be a top priority if you even think you need storm damage repair. Your agent will let you know what’s covered under your homeowner’s policy. Your agent will also send an adjuster to your home to evaluate the damage, their responsibilities for coverage, and what you’ll be required to pay.

It’s also a good idea to document damage on your own so you have proof if any questions come up during the insurance claim process.

Do Your Research to Find Reputable Roofers

Fly-by-night roofing companies often descend on cities after serious storms offering fast service. Unfortunately, these roofers often do shoddy work and then disappear into the night, leaving homeowners to deal with problems on their own. Avoid those problems by hiring a reputable roofing company with a long history in your community (and an even longer list of references).

Don’t hire a roofing company that offers to pay your homeowner’s insurance deductible. The practice is considered unethical in the industry and it’s illegal in certain states.

Storm Damage Repair You Can Trust

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