Gutters play an important role in your home’s roofing system. They collect the water that runs off your roof, and they carry it away from the house’s foundation. If your gutters are not doing this, then you may face some problems. Here are three gutter problems to keep in mind, and what may happen if you do not take preventative measures against them:

The Most Common Gutter Problems Milwaukee Homeowners Face

1. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters occur when debris and sediment collect in the gutter channels. This stops the water from flowing down the channels and away from your home’s foundation. This gutter problem will cause you a lot of added stress and work.

2. Improperly Pitched Gutters

Improperly pitched gutters cause gutter problems when the water sits or flows backward in the channel system. This causes issues because all the water flowing off the roof will stop in one spot, resulting in one serious problem area. You will face this problem if your gutters were installed and hung poorly, or even just as a result of harsh weather conditions.

3. Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are typically a side effect of clogged and/or improperly pitched gutters. This occurs when water, leaves, or ice build up in the gutter system. All this build-up will add a lot of weighted pressure to the gutters and cause them to sag and pull away from the house. This also happens when gutter hangers are loose or spaced too far apart.

Common Problems Caused by Gutters

If you ignore these three common gutter problems, you may face some other real problems at home, such as:

Flooded Basement

When your gutters are clogged, the water will flow over the gutters and down the siding. Instead of being carried away from the house, it will a drain straight down to where the siding meets the ground. This can cause basements to flood. A flooded basement can damage not just the integrity of the house, but also your personal property like furniture, books, and electronics.

Compromised Foundation

Clogged gutters can also compromise your home’s foundation. This occurs when too much water is saturated into the ground and soil around your house. Wet dirt around your home puts pressure on the foundation and causes cracks or shifts. This is a serious problem that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

Driveway and Landscape Problems

When your gutters overflow in the wrong places, different aspects of your home may also be affected. Just a couple heavy rainfalls can cause washouts around your driveway, especially if it’s an unpaved driveway. If too much fill gets washed away around your driveway, it can cause shifts, dips, and hazards to vehicles and foot traffic. Additionally, excess water may wash out flower beds, mulch, or soil used in gardens and landscaping around your home.

Ice Hazards

Overflowing water from the gutter problems above can also cause ice hazards. Imagine the gutter just above your front door overflowing in cold temperatures. This can cause a puddle to build up, freeze, and present serious danger to friends and family entering and exiting your house.

Get Professional Help

Keeping gutters clean, level, and debris free is the best ways to avoid all these problems. Contact us today for professional advice from your local experts on gutter guards, rainware, or any gutter-related needs.