We here in Wisconsin have a lot to be proud of. We are America’s largest supplier of dairy products like milk and cheese, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who makes better beer than us. We have an amazing local company that takes care of all our roofing, siding, window and door installations, and more. Our scenery is breathtaking, and we love celebrating food and sports.

But our love for football, in particular, is off the charts. And I don’t mean figuratively either. A New York-based marketing firm conducted research to find something Wisconsinites have known all along — that we are fans in the truest sense.

fan – (noun) short for “fanatic”

We have TWO of the top THREE football-watching markets in the entire nation.

There are mild fans, medium fans and then there are fanatics. The poll by the marketing firm labels them as “Slightly Interested,” “Somewhat Interested,” and “Very Interested” in the NFL. Here’s what the research listed as the top 5 media markets shown to be “Very Interested”:

  • Green Bay – 53%
  • New Orleans – 49%
  • Milwaukee – 46%
  • Baltimore – 46%
  • Pittsburgh – 42%

If you don’t believe the research, just ask around and see how many people you know tuned in to watch Green Bay beat Dallas this week. (By the way, it’s now been 29 years since the Cowboys beat the Packers in the Playoffs.) I’ll bet you won’t find many fans who found something better to do on a freezing Sunday at 3:30 p.m. I mean, would you rather be watching the Packers or installing a skylight?!

In case you were wondering, Chicago placed 22nd on the list with a 32% mark. And with Chicago so close to Milwaukee, it had me wondering.

  • Milwaukee to Green Bay is 117 freeway miles.
  • Milwaukee to Chicago is 92 freeway miles.

So if Milwaukee is closer to Chicago than it is to Green Bay, how much of the fanbase is siding with the Packers? A funny thing happens once you cross the state line though. There’s a big sense of pride when you go to the mailbox, and the mail shows your address as one inside the Wisconsin border. Most of us feel Green Bay belongs to the entire state.

That makes it really difficult for the Bears to have a majority of fans anywhere in the state, even close to the Wisconsin-Illinios border. You’re likely to find more of them there in small pockets. So why are we so passionate about the Green and Gold anyway?

The Resume

For one, we’ve earned the nickname “Titletown” by winning 13 NFL championships, including 9 before the advent of the Super Bowl. Names like Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Reggie White, Donald Driver, Paul Hornung, Ray Nitschke, James Lofton, Don Hutson, and Clay Matthews, to name a few, can be seen on jerseys all over Lambeau Field any given Sunday.

The Coach

Many consider Vince Lombardi to be the greatest professional football coach to ever live. Don’t take my word for it; ask those who know what it takes to be great at that job.

The Backing

The Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned professional sports franchise. Green Bay is the smallest NFL city, with about 110,000 residents. The Packers have been a publicly owned, non-profit corporation for 100 years. There are about half a million stockholders who own shares that are not like any others. The shares don’t pay dividends, cannot increase in value, and do not include equity. They are basically purchased to help the team. It is likely that without these shares and fan support, the team would have folded in its early days.

The Rebuild?

Players like Jordan Love, Aaron Jones, Romeo Doubs, Jaire Alexander, and Quay Walker make it hard to believe we’re in a “rebuild” year just because a new sheriff is behind center. We still have a lot of meat left on the bone, and we’ll aim to get even better next season. You can tell a team is rebuilding when their record stays in the gutter for a few years. In modern football, it can also happen to a successful team, the year after winning a championship, because the players can demand more money.

The Rival

We’ve all heard the stories where a husband and wife have different football loyalties from one another. One is a Packers fan, and the other is a Bears fan. They can get along with each other 50 weeks of the year, but not the 2 weeks on the schedule where their teams clash.

Most estimates show about 85% of Wisconsinites are Green Bay fans, and the other 15% are spread amongst other teams, including Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota closer to the state lines.

No one knows exactly why, but when 2 historically great teams face off, one team keeps coming out on top. It is sometimes explained as “We just have their number.” It’s not scientific by any means, but that’s the case with Green Bay vs. Chicago.

The Packers have beaten the Bears 25 times in the past 29 games, dating back to 1990. That includes the current 10-game win streak. That means about 65% of the Bears roster has never experienced a win against Green Bay. Also, Green Bay has won 15 playoff games since 2000, and the Bears have won 3. What has opened the door to so much success?

The Conclusion

Someone asked me why it is that Green Bay seems to have Chicago’s number. I thought about the team’s public ownership, the state’s pride, the draft picks, the desire. And I came up with one answer — I believe it’s because our homes are built better, especially the roofs. Maybe I’m biased, but the answer seemed obvious to me. How else do you explain that Chicago went 54-45 against us before 1975, and Green Bay has gone 57-36 against the Bears since then? Why 1975? That’s the year Community Roofing and Restoration started.

We hope your year is starting off great. Remember to call us about roofing, windows, siding, and more. Go Pack Go!

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