Whether you are selling your home or just want to beautify your home, “curb appeal” is a great place to start. Who wouldn’t want people stopping in front of their house to say, “Wow, this house is gorgeous!” There are some well-known ways to elevate your home’s status. Upgrade to a luxurious roof. Redo the home’s siding. Etc. These are expensive changes though. We’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest and cheapest ways to elevate your home’s curb appeal.

1. Go Green for More Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is to go green. That is to say, add some plants! Some simple potted plants on either side of the front door can go a long way. In addition, some plants that clearly line the path to the front door also make a great path for eye’s to follow from the curb, right up to the house.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Front Lawn

If your front lawn is not thriving, then that’s okay. Most people only really take notice of an incredibly poorly kept front lawn. If the grass is dead in some places, invest in some seeds/fertilizer sprays that kickstart grass growth. In addition, just watering the grass every so often (especially if it hasn’t rained) can do wonders for how bright your grass looks. Finally, cutting your lawn in a symmetrical pattern shows homeowner diligence that shows you really take care of your house.

3. Paint Your Front Door

If your house is a bit lackluster, a new coat of paint on the front door can work magically. For a relatively monotonous home, this is what we suggest: pick your favorite color, and paint it on your front door. If your house is too matchy, it just falls behind. Adding a bright pop of pink, purple, or light green just draws eyes back to your home and gives it personality.

4. Illuminate the Entrance for More Curb Appeal

No one wants to feel like they’re entering a haunted house, and a dark entrance is far from welcoming. A simple fix? Add some light fixtures around the front door. A light hanging above the front entrance provides warm light that makes your house look great at night. In addition, smaller lights placed symmetrically on either side of the front door provide a similar effect.

5. Get a New Mailbox & Address Numbers

Spending some extra money on a quality, cute mailbox and some numbers with a great font can provide that little oomph your house needs. This is a fun way to show your personality on the exterior of your house. Perhaps even get a plate with your family’s name on it. Branding your house shows thoughtfulness that improves curb appeal significantly.

6. Buy Some Outdoor Furniture for Curb Appeal

Outdoor furniture shows people that the front side of your house is so pleasant that you even just sit out there for fun. A couple of chairs on the porch or a bench outside the door look great, especially when they’re well lit at night. Providing people with the hypothetical image of you enjoying a cocktail outside before dinner is a great way to elevate the feelings associated with your house.

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