Luxury Shingles

When it comes to exterior design, most homeowners think about siding, windows, and landscape before they think about their roof. This is unfortunate as a roof often takes up a lot (if not more) real estate than these other design elements. Think about it: a roof covers the entirety of your home. Why not use your roof to make a bold design statement?

Luxury shingles are one way to do just that. Like architectural shingles, luxury shingles are intended to make a statement. Resembling traditional slate shingles, luxury shingles comes in a variety of shapes (zig-zag, rectangular and trapezoidal) and colors (blue, brown, gray and even red and orange) and help homeowners achieve a specific exterior “look”. Luxury shingles can transform any house from boring to carriage style, rustic or even Mediterranean. With luxury shingles, the possibilities are truly limitless.

At Community Roofing & Restoration, we partner with only the best luxury shingle suppliers in North America. Producing only quality shingles at affordable prices, these suppliers include:

  • DaVinci
  • CertainTeed (Carriage, Belmont, Presidential Shake)
  • And more

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