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Milwaukee Window and Door Installation

Windows & Doors Installed in Milwaukee by Community Roofing & RestorationIf you and your family suffer through cold weather with a drafty home, it could be time to consider replacing your windows and doors.

Of all the many updates you can make to your older home, window and door replacement has perhaps the best ratio of time to results. A window and door replacement project is surprisingly quick and relatively painless, and the change to your family’s comfort is immense and immediate.

While this type of project is a fairly easy undertaking, an inexperienced person can make easy mistakes that can cause significant problems down the line. For this reason, trust an expert for your windows and doors replacement project in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas – trust Community Roofing and Restoration.


Residential window technology has come a long way in a short time. Today’s replacement windows are highly energy efficient, easy to care for, and ready to install. Typically the windows use the latest glass panels which reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays and protect your house’s interior, along with easy-to-clean designs and large openings to allow maximum airflow in the summer months.

At Community Roofing and restoration, we specialize in the following window types and window services:

  • Aluminum wrap
  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Bay
  • Awning
  • Sliding Windows
  • New Construction
  • Replacement Windows


There are few parts of your home that get more use and abuse than your entry/exit doors. From being opened and closed dozens of times every day to a hard slam by an unhappy teenager, doors take a beating that causes them to have a limited lifespan. In addition, many of the materials used for weatherproofing in the past deteriorate and wear out, dramatically decreasing the door’s energy efficiency.  

Not only does an exterior door replacement give your home a substantial increase in energy efficiency, it gives your entryway a great makeover as well. Your door is the first impression given to visitors, and a beautiful entry door serves to invite guests into your home. With the variety of styles, materials, and colors available, your entry doors can add functionality and beauty to your home with minimal expense and quick turnaround.

Door installation is a difficult task requiring a skilled hand, and Community Roofing and Restoration provides not only that skill and experience but an eye for good design as well. We can help you choose the door that is right for your home, and install it properly to ensure maximum efficiency and long life.

Successful Milwaukee Roofing Job by Community Roofing

40 Years Focused On Details

Milwaukee Roofing companies have come and gone since Community’s first project on Newberry Boulevard, back in 1975. A reason for our longevity has been a focus on mastering complex roof system restoration and the recruitment of custom shops that complement our focus on the roof and leak prevention.

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