“My roof is leaking! What do I do?!”

Well, don’t worry too much because we’ve made a step-by-step list of the exact way to deal with that leaky roof, and to make sure it never leaks again.

1. Protect Your Valuables

The first thing you should do if your roof is leaking is protect your valuables from water damage. No matter where the leak is, water in your home is never a good thing. You need to move any furniture or electronics out of the leaking area so they can’t be damaged. If you can’t move them, you need to cover valuables with plastic while you wait for a permanent fix.

2. Contain the Water

Once everything is moved out of the way, you will need to contain the water. This means you’ll have to put a bucket or something to collect the water below the leak, so it doesn’t seep into the carpet or hardwood floors and cause more damage.

For severe leaks, you will need multiple buckets to contain the water. If you can’t control all the water coming in, the leak is too severe to put off. You will need to call local roofing experts right away.

3. Dry Everything Off

If any water left your ceiling, carpeting, furniture, or hardwood damp, you need to dry everything off right away. Damp hardwood leaves stains that can’t be removed, and wet carpets can mold grow mold quickly. If your carpet is wet, you need to pull it up and expose both sides to air dry it.

If the water is too much, contact a local water removal service in order to prevent long-term damage to your home.

4. Call Your Insurance Agent

In the unfortunate event that the damage to your home is extensive and significant, call your insurance agent. Different policies vary, and coverage may or may not apply to your specific situation, but no one else will have these answers for you. An insurance agent will be able to determine if your damage is covered so you can plan accordingly.

5. FIX IT!

You gotta fix that leak! You made sure to protect valuables, to control the water, and to dry anything that got wet, so now it’s time to fix it! And you’re going to want to make sure it’s fixed permanently, never to come back.

The best way to ensure it’s dealt with properly is to get an estimate from your local experts at Community Roofing & Restoration. Call us today for an in-home consultation.