At Community Roofing & Restoration, we approach every project like it’s our first. So whether we’re roofing your home or siding it, you can expect the same level of care, quality, and craftsmanship that we put into our first job at Newberry Boulevard in 1975 and the thousands that came after it. Our goal is to provide every service to our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied, and that they recommend Community Roofing & Restoration as the best contractor in the Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay areas.

In order to accomplish this mission, we use not only our great skill and over 40 years of experience but new technology as well. If you’re looking for a custom look for your home, look no further than our website and the Color Selector tool.

This great tool from ColorView is embedded on our website to present a wide variety of options to you for your home remodeling project. Gone are the days of contractors showing up with swatches of roofing materials – you can use this tool to build a custom look that is uniquely yours, and then Community Roofing & Restoration will execute it. Best of all, this tool is free to use, with no commitment from you.

When you load the page, you’ll be presented with a grid of dozens of different types of homes. Choose one that represents what you’re looking for and enter your zip code. The home you have chosen will be shown in a larger image, and you’ll notice that several areas of the home highlight as you move your mouse cursor over them. These areas may include roof, siding, trim, shutters, and more. When you click on an area, a menu will slide up to offer you different types, styles, and colors of materials. Simply make your choice and that material and color will appear on the image, just like magic. While you continue your design, you can undo changes and zoom in using the controls in the lower right.

Once your design is complete, share it! Options to email and post on social media networks are available at the bottom of the tool. You can also save and print the materials list easily using the buttons at the top. At Community Roofing & Restoration, we hope that you will share your designs with us, and we’re happy to provide feedback and schedule a free visit to discuss your project in detail.

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