How does your home look from the outside? Drab, dull, and worn? Or welcoming, attractive, and unique? Does it stand out from other homes in your Milwaukee neighborhood?

Your curb appeal makes a big difference to the value of your home, and, even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s still the first impression visitors get of your home. One way to give your home an instant makeover is to replace your vinyl siding. But remember: The colors you choose will make or break the success of the project. So, should you go with a rustic, warm look? Or a bright, modern style?

We’re here to help you decide. Keep reading to get inspired by some of the most popular vinyl siding color combinations.

Blue Siding with White Trim

Want a home that looks fresh and welcoming? There’s nothing better than blue siding with bright white trim.

It’s easy to see why blue houses are so popular in Whitefish Bay. And there are lots of different shades of blue siding out there, so you can really make the style your own.

For a look that’s pretty and traditional, pale blue works really well. For a unique look that’s sure to generate some conversation, darker navy shades are ideal.

Professional Siding Installation

Upgrade your home and protect it from the harsh Wisconsin weather with a professional siding installation.

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Green Siding with Brown Trim

Want your home to look like it’s blending into nature? Green siding with brown trim is perfect. And it looks especially nice on homes with large gardens or lots of trees.

Again, there are plenty different shades of green to choose from. Pale green is the most popular choice and is often paired with white or beige trim for a classic, homely look. Darker forest greens can create a really warm, intense look, especially when they’re combined with dark wood accents.

Beige Siding with Brick Accents

Is your area of Milwaukee not very green? No problem! Beige siding has a lovely earthy shade that matches well with most environments and looks good all year round. It pairs particularly well with brick features and accents, creating a look that’s both unassuming and classy.

Pale shades of beige are ideal if you want to create a light, bright feel, while darker shades are warmer and a bit more eye-catching. And if beige sounds a little plain to you, there’s always the option of pairing it with a bold trim—think bright red or navy blue.

Red Siding with White or Brown Trim

Want a home that will be the talk of the entire street? You should definitely go for red siding.

Popular in rural locations, red siding paired with brown or white trim creates a lovely rustic look that makes your home feel really welcoming. The color of wood you combine with your siding makes a huge difference to the overall effect, so be sure to consider all your options.

How to Decide on Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

If you’re not sure what color siding to go for, it’s smart to look at plenty of pictures of other homes with siding. You might get inspired by vinyl siding color combinations you’d never even considered before.

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