It is important to choose the right roofing contractor for your home or business. Choosing the wrong company could lead to higher costs, low-quality materials, and poor craftsmanship that won’t last as long as it should. There are a number of questions that you should ask any roofing contractor before hiring them to help you determine if they are somebody you want to work with.

What is your roofing experience?

If they’ve been in the roofing industry for a long time, there is a good chance they do high quality work and can provide references from local customers. But you’ll also want to make sure they’ve done a lot of the same type of roofing work you’ll need for your project. For example, if you are looking for a new roof for your business you’ll want to make sure they’ve done more than just residential roofing.

What type of roofs have you installed?

An experienced roofing company is one that has experience with asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing, and other materials. It’s also important that they have experience with not only roof installation, but roof repairs and roofing replacement. The more roofing experience they have, the better prepared they are going to be for some of the challenges that may arise and you can be confident they’ll be able to handle it properly.

What’s your lead time?

Establishing the lead time is important so there is a mutual understanding of when to expect the project to begin. If a roofing contractor can’t give you an accurate lead time, it could be a sign that they are not organized, they may not have enough labor help to keep them on schedule, or they don’t understand the scale of their existing roofing projects. Make sure you choose a roofing contractor with a lead time that works within your expectations so that you aren’t asking them to do a rush to completion and possibly sacrifice quality in the process.

How many roofs have you installed in the past year?

This deceptively simple question can tell you a lot about the company you are considering hiring. A very low number could be due to a lack of experience, or roofing may not be something they do on a regular basis. Those could be red flags that it may not be a company you want to work with. On the other hand, a company who has installed a lot of roofs may be able to offer more competitive pricing if they are buying materials in larger quantities.

Do you have a roofing warranty?

It is important to ask what warranties the roofing contractor offers, and exactly what’s covered. Having a clear expectation before the project starts can save you a lot of headaches in the event something should go wrong during or shortly after the project. Make sure you get warranty information in writing so you can reference it when and if you need it at a later date.

What is your insurance policy?

Much like a warranty, understanding a roofer’s insurance policies could save you from unneeded stress in the future should something happen during the project. A well respected roofing contractor should have workers compensation and liability insurance policies in place in the event there is an accident or injury while working on your home or business. It is important to know that they will be protected and you won’t be held liable for any accidents that happen on your property.

What is my protection against materials levy?

A materials levy is a charge assessed by a roofing contractor on the cost of materials used in a roofing project. The amount of the levy may vary depending on the type of project, but it is typically a small percentage of the total project cost. The purpose of the levy is to help cover the costs of materials used by the contractor, and it is typically collected at the time of purchase.

There are a few different ways that a contractor may assess a materials levy. One common method is to include the charge in the total project quote. Another option is to add the levy as a line item on the invoice after the project is completed. In some cases, the contractor may require payment of the levy upfront before starting work on the project.

It is important to ask about the materials levy when getting quotes from roofing contractors so you can accurately compare prices. Be sure to get all fees and charges in writing before agreeing to any work. This will help avoid any surprises down the road.

We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that could help you even more when choosing a local roofing contractor. If you’d like more information about how the roofing experts at Community Roofing & Restoration can help you, get a quick quote today.

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