Real Estate Point of Sale

In today’s volatile housing market, it’s important to strike while the iron is hot. Whether you’re a seller with a potentially interested party, or a buyer with your heart set on a certain property, if you don’t take action quickly you may lose out. That’s why it’s important to call on the experts for timely roof inspections–and the team at Community Roofing and Restoration are available for real estate point of sale in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. 

Buying a Home

If you’re an individual that’s interested in buying a new house, you can’t take any chances on the work that was done on the home previously. Inspections and appraisals only go so far to gauge the overall condition of the home for valuation, and they don’t take a detailed look at the quality of the work. 

When purchasing a new home, the quality of the roof is of utmost importance. Roofing projects can be expensive, and if a tear-off and replacement are necessary, it may add tens of thousands to the cost of the home. In addition, many unscrupulous sellers may hire a shady contractor to perform a “quick and dirty” shingle installation, hiding problems and mistakes to get more value out of the home for the sale. While a simple appraisal will most likely miss these problems, hiring Community Roofing and Restoration to take an expert look at the condition of the roof ensures that you are getting what you pay for. A buyer’s mindset should be on the long-term, with a focus on repairing problems and mistakes that were made by previous owners before the sale, to prevent them from affecting your life in your new home. For this reason, Community Roofing and Restoration’s qualified roof inspectors deliver detailed information about the condition of your roof, and an affordable and quick solution to any and all problems or concerns.

Selling a Home

If you’re selling a home, it is in your best interest to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition for the sale. Depending on the deal signed with the new owner, you may find those unaddressed problems can come back to haunt you years after the move.

Most homeowners are not roofing experts, and even an in-depth examination of a roof by an untrained eye can miss substantial problems due to shoddy work by a previous installer. Hiring Community Roofing and Restoration to analyze and evaluate your roof’s condition gives you, at a minimum, peace of mind that is worth it’s weight in gold. If problems are identified and corrected, you may have saved yourself a large expense after the sale, or from the heartbreak of having a pending deal fall through. If you’re selling a home, you know that timing is critical, and you can’t have surprises. Hiring Community Roofing and Restoration for a real estate point of sale inspection will help to keep your sale on track.

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