There are many reasons a prospective buyer either takes a look at your home or drives past it without interest. In any given home search, a candidate narrows their search down to ones they’d like to see in person, based on the specs they’d prefer (square footage, 2-story vs. 1-story, neighborhood, distance to work, etc.) Driving by to give it the eye test can take place before the buyers give a Realtor the final list of homes they’d like to take a look inside.

Here are some of the interior improvements that can be made that are on some buyers’ want lists:

  1. Remodeling – This can be a minor or major redesign, add-on, or opening up of a living space by removing non-load-bearing walls. Remodels can come at a substantial cost, so this is one area where a well-thought-out plan is most useful. It may be best to research the kinds of floor plans buyers are coveting before investing a lot of money without knowing if it will pay off.
  2. Flooring – According to, hardwood floors are preferred by both homeowners and renters. If your advertised home hasn’t been getting many bites, you may want to take a look into this course of action. The caveat here is that lower-value homes tend to hang on to wall-to-wall carpet up to a certain price point. And sometimes, the bedroom is an area of the home where people like to feel the carpet (or at least a rug on the hardwood floors) under their toes.

But buyers can still see a lot from the exterior of the home that can be dealbreakers. Some of these are out of our control, but some are preventable.

  1. Window upgrades – Depending on the age of the home, you might be surprised to hear that many homes have their original windows on them. Unless your home is registered in the historical society where having your original windows is a good thing, it may be worth including window replacement on your list of upgrades.
  2. Garage door replacement – This is one of the more visible areas of your exterior, and much like the previous item on the list, it serves a function both inside and outside the house. The technology for garage doors and chain drives wasn’t around way back when historic homes were built, so upgrading this item might be a no-brainer. Modern models have wifi/Bluetooth abilities and can be controlled and monitored from smartphone apps.
  3. Yard improvement – Anything from decorative hedges, roses, or a full-blown pool deck will likely increase the value of a home. Appearance goes a long way in making up a prospective buyer’s mind. Sometimes, all we get is a glance from someone who will immediately judge the book by its cover. It just happens.
  4. Fresh paint or color – This is another option worth exploring, especially if the fresh paint is on a smaller area of the exterior, like the door, trim, or shutters.
  5. A new roof – Nothing else quite says, “This home is well taken care of where it matters most” than a new roof. It’s a lot like our skin, the largest organ of the human body. The better shape it’s in, the better It protects the inside from damage.

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