Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen Roofing

The experienced contractors at Community Roofing & Restoration have been installing self-adhered modified bitumen roofing systems in Wisconsin for more than four decades. Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of businesses and homeowners and earned a reputation as a quality professional that gets the job done right while providing exceptional service.

Our experience has made us the preferred modified bitumen roofing contractor in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. We can install or replace your roofing system with a brand new, weatherproof roof that will stand up to the harsh Wisconsin weather for years to come. Click the button below to contact us today for a free quote.

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The Benefits Of Modified Bitumen Roofing

Self-adhered modified bitumen roofing systems offer several advantages that make them the right application for a variety of flat or low slope roofs. To start, modified bitumen roofs are extremely durable and resistant to punctures or leaks because they’re typically installed with multiple layers. This means that modified bitumen roofs can withstand tough weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

Modified bitumen roofing is also energy efficient. The top layer can be treated with a cooling feature to reflect sunlight and release absorbed heat. This will go a long way in helping reduce the energy bill for property owners. In addition to energy efficiency, bitumen roofing systems are also environmentally friendly, installed quickly, and they’re easy to repair and maintain. All of these unique traits make modified bitumen one of the most popular choices for commercial roofs.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not self-adhered modified bitumen is the right roofing system for your property, contact the experts at Community Roofing. Our team will assess your current situation and make a recommendation based on your four decades of experience.


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Trusted By Wisconsin Homeowners

We’ve been a trusted home improvement contractor in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas throughout Wisconsin for more since 1975. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of homeowners by never compromising on quality.

Josh’s knowledge was extensive and the crew’s expertise was evident from the beginning. We are thrilled with our roof, and the copper flashing and gutters on the front are icing on the cake. It looks great and even jogging strangers stop to comment on it!

Jayne, September 2019

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Excellent company. Josh was quick to respond to any questions we had on the work that needed to be done. Everything was seamless. New roof and gutters in 2 days. They had some great suggestions on the ice shield on the north side of the house. It paid off this year for sure.

Scott, July 2019

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I can’t believe how prompt, professional and courteous these guys were for a repair that I had done on a flat roof. The turnaround time was quick and the job looks to be quite well done. I would highly recommend Josh and his guys to anyone in need of their services.

Chris, June 2019

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Modified Bitumen Roofing Overview

Self-adhered modified bitumen roofing is a combination of asphalt with polypropylene, styrene, rubber or other agents to create a uniform matrix, enhancing the waterproofing properties of the asphalt. This gives the roof a durable and weather resistant covering with a long life span. Although repairs to self-adhered modified roofs are more difficult than EPDM rubber roofs, they are also much less commonly required, because of self-adhered modified roofing’s increased durability.

Modified bitumen roofing is often appropriate for roofs where contact with tree branches is a concern, or where frequent foot traffic is necessary. Self-adhered modified roofing’s unique composition is more resilient and holds up better to frequent abuse than EPDM.

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