In today’s booming housing market, buyers desire a home that stands out and makes a statement. As we see more variety in new home construction as well as unique renovations to older homes, it’s clear that homeowners desire something different. The rows and rows of identical homes are a thing of the past, but as new trends catch on, they quickly become commonplace and unoriginal. Luckily, your Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay roofing experts at Community Roofing and Restoration are on top of the trends in roofing materials, and we’re here to share some information with you about luxury shingles.

To get a truly unique and eye-catching look for your humble abode, high-quality and stylish shingles are a must have. Architectural shingles have become the norm, replacing traditional 3-tab shingles as the go-to roofing material for modern homes. Think about it: a roof covers the entirety of your home. Why not use your roof to make a bold design statement?

Taking the depth and dimension of architectural shingles to the next level of beauty and uniqueness, luxury shingles offer styles resembling traditional slate shingles, but with the ease of installation and exceptional durability of asphalt shingles. Luxury shingles come in a variety of shapes including zig-zag, rectangular and trapezoidal, as well as a whole range of colors including blue, brown, gray and even red and orange. Homeowners can achieve a specific exterior “look” by complementing their home’s color and cladding with a luxury shingle installation.

Community Roofing and Restoration is proud to partner with the best manufacturers of luxury shingles in North America. Producing only quality shingles at affordable prices, these suppliers include DaVinci and CertainTeed’s brands Carriage, Belmont, and Presidential Shake. Our expert installers are well-versed in these great materials and bring our expertise to your project to ensure the highest quality roofing installation.

At Community Roofing and Restoration, we know your home isn’t just a place; it’s an extension of yourself, your family, and your values. Don’t leave the care and maintenance of your home–especially your roof–to chance. Partner with Community Roofing & Restoration and experience the best roofing service in Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay.

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