Sheet metal roofing is perfect for Wisconsin homes. The climate in Wisconsin is so unpredictable that it can really wear and tear on an average roof. However, sheet metal roofing benefits your home in so many ways while still having a longer lifespan than many other roofing materials. Here’s why.

Sheet Metal Roofing Sheds Ice and Snow

One of the best features of sheet metal roofs is how well they shed ice and snow in the winter. Have you ever shoveled the roof of your home? If not, you probably should. You should always shovel as much of your roof as you can after a heavy snowfall. However, those giant extendable roof shovels are a pain to use, especially after you do routine snow removal around your house and driveway. All roofs in Wisconsin likely need some attention after a snowfall, but a sheet metal roof requires far less care. The slick, smooth metal surface allows snow to slide down almost like raindrops. Water damages a roof quicker than anything, so a sheet metal roof can really help you out during the brutal winter months.

Metal Roofing Reflects Hot Sunlight

Summers in Wisconsin can be just as warm as anywhere in the United States. Just because we live up north does not mean it’s cold year round. When it’s not snowing, the sun is pounding down on your roof every day. The wrong kind of roof will absorb the heat. This can heat up the interior of your house to the dismay of your AC unit and wallet. However, a sheet metal roof can reflect the Sun’s warm rays, keeping your house cool and comfortable even in the middle of August.

It’s Energy Efficient

Sheet metal roofing reflects the sun’s heat which keeps your house cool. This is huge for your wallet and the environment. You don’t have to blast the AC in the summer just to keep your house bearable anymore. It will be as cool as you want. You just need to set the thermostat. In addition, you are using considerably less electricity. Electricity is produced in Wisconsin, mainly, by burning coal. The less electricity you use, the less fossil fuel is burned at your own expense. This is a win-win for you and the planet.

Overall, Wisconsinites deserve sheet metal roofing on their homes. It works for you in all climates. Snow and ice slide right off the roof in the winter months. Heat bounces off the roof in the hot summer months. You don’t have to shovel as much. AC will cost less. Plus sheet metal roofing is energy efficient, which helps the environment.

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