Skylight Windows

A well-placed skylight window can add an immense value to your home in terms of comfort and ambiance. Skylights brighten dark spaces, ventilate air, and give the room an overall larger feel, opening up spaces that may seem lifeless. However, installing a skylight is much more complicated than just cutting a hole in the roof and adding a window. First, you’ll need an experienced contractor, and the skylight experts at Community Roofing and Restoration are your best choice for skylight installation in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. 

Skylight Addition Project in WI by Community Roofing & Restoration

It’s important to consider wind resistance, energy efficiency, sound reduction, and water tightness when looking for your perfect skylight product and placement. You don’t want to make a mistake with your skylight decision, so a knowledgeable contractor is critical. Community Roofing and Restoration can help you determine which product fits your needs, how to place it optimally to maximize the benefits.

The differences between windows and skylights are also important to note. While windows are great at catching low-angled sun rays of winter and naturally avoid catching most of the high-angled glare of the summer sun, skylights often do the opposite. While they bring in substantial light in the winter, you may find in certain placements that the summer sun is unwanted through a skylight. Among other things, it’s important to take this into consideration when planning your skylight installation.

Ventilation Skylights Installed by Community Roofing & Restoration

Skylights also offer tints to eliminate harmful sun rays that could discolor your cabinets and walls over time. Many skylights also offer built-in blind systems that help you control the amount of light coming in. Skylights are often insulated to prevent heat buildup in summer and heat loss in winter.

Ventilation skylights are also used to remove moisture and heat building from the room. Often used to regulate airflow in small spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, these type of skylights can help improve indoor comfort as well.

If a skylight is on your wish list, it’s important to plan it out with an experienced professional. At Community Roofing and Restoration, we have the skills and experience to help you brighten your home and improve your life.

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