Summer is here, and the heat is almost in full blast. Your roof protects you from that harsh summer sun, so make sure it’s in working order. After being beaten hard by the winter months, your roof’s vulnerabilities may be worse than you think. You should check your roof’s condition often to ensure that there are no problems. A minor problem now can become a massive problem quickly. That’s why you should fix it right away before it becomes too expensive to repair. Let’s get into the list of tips!

1. Make Sure Your Gutters and Downspouts Are Clean and Clear

Gutters and downspouts are hugely important to your roof’s functionality. It’s important to check them to make sure that there’s no debris or waste clogging them up. If water cannot flow smoothly through your gutters, you need to correct that right away. Winter months bring a lot of heavy snow and water. That weight from ice and snow can warp gutters and leave them broken. You may have spots where water stands still that also need fixing. Checking your roof’s overall condition is a good idea, especially before it gets extremely hot up there.

2. Check Your Skylight for Debris or Clutter this Summer

Your skylight is there to brighten rooms and make them feel bigger. They can open up a small space where a normal window wouldn’t fit. That’s why you don’t want anything blocking the glass. Debris can darken the very room you want to brighten. It’s important that you get into the roof and clean any clutter covering your skylight. This way, you can enjoy the bright summer sun from inside.

3. Look for Any Cracked or Missing Shingles

Cracked or missing shingles may not seem urgent, but they can be signs of serious damage. Even just one missing shingle means there’s a hole in the roofing. That hole being open over the winter means water was likely getting into your roof. Small amounts of water damage on the surface usually means huge amounts of water damage underneath. This can end up being a serious problem. You should contact a roofing expert if you notice water damage on the surface of your roof.

4. Take Pictures of the Roof’s Current Summer Condition

You should always take a series of pictures of your roof anytime you go up there. If you have a collection of pictures of your roof throughout the season, you’ll have documentation of its overall condition. Comparing pictures from this summer to last summer can help you understand the direction your roof’s condition may be heading. This can help you decide whether to spot-fix problems, ignore them for another year, or get a brand new roof.

5. Always Use Proper Safety Equipment on the Roof

It’s important that you stay safe when you’re up there inspecting your roof. It can be dangerous up there. We recommend you bring someone with you or have them guide you around the roof from below. This way they can see some things you maybe can’t from up on the roof. Additionally, always make sure your ladder is sturdy and not a compromising factor to your safety. You can also use fall protection equipment if you have to you double down on safety. Lastly, just watch your step up there. It can be hard navigating a roofs slants, breaks, and grades. The last thing you want to do is slip or trip. You also don’t want to step on anything you shouldn’t that could damage the roof.

If you are concerned about your roof’s integrity, call your Milwaukee experts, Community Roofing and Restoration. We can make the climb to the top, so you don’t have to risk it. Our expert roofers can spot a problem from miles away, and we’re happy to give you a free estimate.

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