When it comes time to replace or add new gutters to your home, you’ll soon find there are many decisions to be made. The myriad varieties of gutter materials, designs, and features can leave you confused and unsure of what solution is correct for your needs. In Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay, Community Roofing & Restoration are proud to be your gutters and rainware experts, and we’re here to offer our knowledge and experience to help you get the gutter solution that is right for you.

Gutter Shapes

In most modern homes, the common gutter shape is what is known as “K” shaped gutters. Seen from the side, they look like the letter “K”. Due to the common use and wide availability of this design, they are a cost-effective choice. The “K” shaped gutter has also proven to be an effective design, efficiently channeling water off of the roof and to the ground with minimal clogging.

In some historical homes, Half Round gutters were used. These gutters have a nice design and unique look, and actually are less prone to clogging than “K” shaped gutters. However, they are a custom, special order product that commands a premium price.

Gutter Materials

Gutters are available in a wide variety of materials that complement the many styles of home available in today’s booming housing market. Plastic gutters have proven to be a durable and low-cost option with wide availability, but the look may be less than desirable for many homeowners. Aluminum gutters are very common and have stood the test of time as a durable and rust resistant gutter material. They are easily painted to match any home and are a cost effective choice as well.

Galvanized steel gutter systems are extremely economical as well. They resist dents and dings better than aluminum and last for many decades. However, they must remain coated with protective sealant to stay truly rust resistant.

Expensive in the short term but ultimately cost-effective due to a lifespan of up to 100 years, copper gutter systems are sought after by homeowners who desire a high-end look for their homes. Initially, orange in color, copper guttering weathers to become a natural light green color (referred to as patina). Ornamental designs are also incorporated in copper gutters.

Other Gutter Options

Once you’ve decided on a material and shape, you’ll find other options to consider. While typical gutters are 5 inches in width, if you live in a particularly rainy area, you may consider 6-inch gutters, which move significantly more water. These larger gutters are not suited for colder climates since they can also hold more snow and ice.

While seamless gutters are the best choice, seamed gutters are still less expensive. Seamless gutters greatly reduce the risk of leaks and also are much easier to clean. Other options, such as rainware and gutter guards, are available as well. Just ask your Community Roofing and Restoration expert today, and we’ll give you the full story on all the gutter options available to you.

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