Are you the type of person who likes to be remembered for the great gifts you give during special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas? This year could hold the one idea that’s never crossed your mind.

According to Fortune and Thrillist, the percentage of all Christmas gifts expected to be returned is about 34%. This includes gifts from relatives, friends, secret Santas, and the not-so-secret Santa.

The most-returned items:

  1. Clothing – It may be returned for the real reason (they didn’t like the style), but they usually make some other excuse (wrong size or color, etc.) This also includes shoes.
  2. Kitchen appliances – These purchases are usually sale-driven and not necessarily what a person really needs. A Black Friday sale on refrigerators? That’s what we’ll get them (because the sale sparks an uncontrollable buying decision). Toasters are one of the most returned gifts (think weddings as well).
  3. Tech gifts – A parent’s guess usually misses the mark when it comes to electronics. Your idea of which video game or console to gift is usually just that, a well-intended guess. You’ll need to know if they live in the Playstation vs Xbox vs Nintendo camp, the Apple vs Google vs Android camp, and so forth. Not all smart watches work with all phones and operating systems. Good luck.
  4. Home decor – It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall watching someone’s honest reactions to opening home decor gifts. It can sometimes lead to a “discussion” amongst married recipients regarding the likelihood the decor will be displayed at all times vs. just when the parents visit. It may be best to avoid this type of gift as well.
  5. Tools – It may not seem so, but tools can be rather personal to someone. They can be as picky about tools as a 5-year-old is about vegetables. Choose the wrong ones, and they’re usually destined for a return.

Besides all that, how long of an impression do you want your gift to make? Will they have trouble in the future recalling what you gave them this year?

The life expectancy of certain gifts:

  • Chocolates – Less than two days (especially if I’m nearby)
  • Meat and cheese set – Gone by the end of the family gathering
  • Sweaters – Unknown, but they are seasonal and are a personal fashion choice. They may just collect dust on a hanger if they “wouldn’t be caught dead” in that style of sweater.

If your children are grown and own their own homes, then why not give them something that lasts, something outside the box, and something they’ll appreciate more each year? All from a single gift. Here at Community Roofing and Restoration, we offer free estimates, so you can end up giving them a repair or replacement on the area of the house that is most needed. Or most desired.

They will have spent another Christmas buying gifts for everyone else and any repairs or replacements usually have to wait another year, as it’s rarely top of mind. It’s rarely thought of at all, until it’s too late and the roof is leaking during a storm. So what kinds of gifts could you give after a free estimate?

  1. Skylight installation – This gift wows every day, with improved views and more light.
  2. Roof repair or replacement – This gift is the ultimate gesture of caring.
  3. Windows repair or replacement/upgrade – Upgraded style may improve home value.
  4. Front door upgrade – Want your kids to think of you fondly every time they go inside?
  5. New insulation in the attic – Lowering energy bills every month for a long time.
  6. Siding repair or replacement/upgrade – The easiest to notice improvement.
  7. Architectural shingles – Gives the home a fresh, upgraded look.

The life expectancy of a gift from Community Roofing and Restoration? Decades. Most of our installations last well beyond the expected time you will still own your home. Medium- and high-quality vinyl siding can last 30-40 years. A new roof? That can vary, but usually decades, depending on upkeep/maintenance and weather exposure.

This Christmas, give the gift of security. The gift of peace of mind. Not just another impersonal gift card.

We here at Community Roofing and Restoration wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Call or come see us for these great gift ideas.

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