What to Expect During an Exterior Assessment

If you are looking to have a local company come out to your home, there is a good chance you already suspect some issues with your home. Some of those noticeable issues could be drafty windows, a leaky roof, or damaged siding. But when a project specialist from Community Roofing & Restoration comes to your home, they are going to do a thorough exterior assessment so they can fully understand the work that needs to be done.

Our Experts Will Ask You Questions

Our experts are trained to ask you questions during the initial assessment. We refer to this as the “needs analysis.” Through asking questions and evaluating the home’s exterior, we are hoping to “agree on need.” In other words, our goal is to discover what the project needs are and make sure we see eye to eye on what those projects are.

Roof Access Is Ideal

Whenever possible, our project specialists try to access the roof to get a better look. But we also prioritize safety and will only access roofs that are safe to access at the time of the appointment. In the event that we can’t access the roof, we still have other options to gather information. We can use third party aerial images, drone footage, and access to the gutter line on a ladder in multiple locations throughout the property.

How You Can Prepare For Our Visit

We like to access the attic when assessing a roof. So having a step ladder handy or making sure the pull down steps to the attic are in good working order is ideal. Also being able to move things around in the attic can be helpful so not having too much clutter makes our jobs easier. Finally, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. A lot of homeowners think that we’ll be doing all of the talking. In reality, we like to hear from the homeowner.

Next Steps Following an Exterior Assessment

In most cases, we can deliver pricing for standard jobs at the same appointment. If there are nonstandard items that are needed in the project, we aim to deliver a quote within 48 hours of the appointment. If we are doing a highly customized project, the homeowner and project specialist may need to meet several times before a proposal can be drafted. From there, we will try to get started on the project as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, we can start work on most projects in 4 to 6 weeks. During peak summer months or when weather doesn’t cooperate, that timeframe may be extended.

If you are ready to have one of our residential roofing experts take a look at your home, sign up for a free exterior assessment.

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