Most likely you have noticed that winter in Wisconsin is here. Though we are well into the season, that is no reason you can’t get new siding installed on your house. The worst of the weather is yet to come, and insulating your house from the cold temperatures outside is the best way to stay warm inside (not to mention how much you can save on energy costs). Here are 3 common questions people have about winter siding installation.

1. Isn’t It Too Cold To Install Siding in the Winter?

Of course not. We’ve been doing this since 1975 and our team has lived and worked in the Wisconsin weather for years. They’re well aware of how unforgiving the winter can be, but that doesn’t stop them. We are committed to providing the very best on every single job, no matter if it’s July or February.

2. What are Some Advantages of Winter Siding Installation?

The saving on home energy costs, like heating, start immediately. Some people are very concerned about landscaping getting damaged during a summertime siding installation, but in the winter it’s not as much of a concern. Another nice plus is that you will have a fresh and beautiful looking home come Spring!

3. Are There Any Disadvantages?

In truth, there may be some minor delays or setbacks if weather conditions are too severe. However, if we can’t come to do our job because of the weather, it’s likely that you might be snowed in too. Some people concern that their house will freeze during the installation process, but that’s not true. Often the new siding is installed over the existing siding, so your in-home temperatures will be just the same as always.


If you have any concerns about your current siding, or if you have questions about winter siding installation, then please feel free to call and contact us right away