Winterize Your Home With a Home Energy Audit

Now that we are getting into those cold months in Wisconsin, you may be noticing that your home isn’t as warm as it should be. But there are several things you can do to make sure your home is winter-ready and retains the heat inside.

Check for leaks in your windows and doors

This one is easy for anybody to check, and you’ll quickly know if you have a problem. Run your hand around all four sides of your window to check for cold air coming in. Don’t forget to check every window in your home because although windows in one room may be working correctly, a window in another room could still be problematic.

To check your doors for a leak, place a dollar bill in the door between the door and the door frame. When you close the door, the dollar bill should be difficult to pull out. If the dollar bill slides out easily, you likely don’t have a good enough seal on that door and it will need to be resealed. Community Roofing has both window and door experts who can help you in the event you need resealing or replacing.

Get a free energy audit

We recommend the free energy audits offered by Wisconsin Home Improvement. They can quickly identify heat loss, venting and insulation. They’ll also help to ensure your house is venting properly and that your intake vents aren’t blocked. A lot of people think that energy is lost mostly from windows, but according to our experts, heat loss is more commonly lost through improper insulation and ventilation on the roof. This is why an energy audit is important.

Make sure your gutters are clean

If you don’t stay on top of gutter maintenance, it could lead to bigger problems down the road. Gutter buildup can occur from fall leaves hitting your roof as well as acorns from squirrels or sticks from birds. All these items combine to create trapped debris in your gutter. When water can’t properly drain in your gutters it can cause water damage on the edges of your roof. Be safe and clean your gutters with a friend or contact an experienced gutter expert who can do a gutter clean out for you.

Switch the direction of your ceiling fans

This is one that a lot of people don’t think about. In the colder months, you’ll want your ceiling fan to run clockwise. We know that warm air rises to your ceiling. When you set up your fan to run clockwise in the colder months, you will be pushing the warm air back down. Pushing the warm air down will allow you to keep the room warmer and reduce your heating bill.

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